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23000+ Individuals have benefitted from our care programmes
900+ Providers, globally, have chosen to work with us
Our digital care programmes cover 6+ therapeutic areas
6 months or less from concept to deployment
60+ strong, global and cross disciplinary team
Our digital care programmes are being used in over 8 countries.

HealthMachine™ - Powering Our Digital Care Programmes

Why We Are Better

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience in working with multiple countries, languages and regulatory bodies. Our digital care programmes are built to be tailored to local needs and regulatory requirements.

Deep understanding

From years of global partnerships across pharma companies , healthcare providers and patients, we understand what works best for each and how to tailor our digital care programmes so that they support better outcomes, effectively and rapidly.

Data Driven

We build digital care programmes which are evidence-based and data-driven. We follow an extensive iterative process to design and test our digital care programmes so that they benefit the patients and the healthcare providers alike - empowering patients to better manage their condition and improving treatment pathway based on evidence.

At Scale

Our digital care programmes are build to be scaled rapidly, across geographies and disease areas, reducing the go-to-market time.

We Work With


3 ways in which our care programmes support Pharma in improving patient activation, ensuring adherence to protocol-based care and generate real world evidence...

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Healthcare Providers

3 ways in which our care programmes enable healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes, work smart and cut costs…

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Research Institutes

3 ways in which HealthMachine™ reduces the time to design and deploy a digital intervention and support research institutes in their studies...

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