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DHPs change the way patients live with and
manage their long term conditions.

Benefits of a DHP for patients: Understand a recent diagnosis, recognise and record symptoms, deli ver personalised care and provide aggregated and anonymised data that demonstrates impact in real time

Why invest in a DHP?

The benefits are immediate and the potential for impact increases with every new patient onboarded.

  • understand a recent diagnosis
  • recognise and record symptoms to enable patients to take ownership of their condition
  • personalised care delivered through virtual platforms that manage appointments, data, and results that make it easier to comprehend their condition
  • aggregated and anonymised data tracks usage, fuels learnings and demonstrates impact in real time

Working closely with our clients, Avegen has developed DHPs in 4 critical health areas

Mental health

Mental Health

Maternal health

Maternal Health

Infectious deseases

Infectious Diseases

Cardiovascular and metabolics

Cardiovascular and Metabolics

HealthMachine™ is condition agnostic and can support the full spectrum of DHPs

From Klick – a digital care programme (DCP)

designed to re-engage a whole patient population, whilst streamlining clinical workflows and delivered through our partnership with Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

Klick - a digital care program
Stop - a digital therapeutic

Through to STOP –
a digital therapeutic (DTx)

designed to treat paranoia that is following the strict regulatory path required to receive MHRA approval as an SaMD (software as a medical device) and be prescribed to patients.

Read more of our case studies to understand our approach and see the results achieved.


Problem Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rare, progressive, and life-threatening condition, for which there is no cure and therefore requires constant management by patients. Avegen was given the task to set-up a digital health solution that will support patient self-management and improve the patient-clinician connect. The goal of PAH management is to maintain low-risk […]

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STOP (Successful Treatment Of Paranoia) is a patient-facing app that aims to reduce clinical symptoms of paranoia, in patients with mild to moderate paranoia. It is a self-administered 12-week programme using Cognitive Bias Modification for Interpretation therapy (CBM-I). Avegen in collaboration with King’s College London designed and set up STOP, the smartphone version of the therapy.

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Klick is a digitally-enabled HIV care pathway conceptualised by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation Trust (CWFT), Avegen and a major pharmaceutical company. Klick was designed and built by Avegen to integrate with and enhance CWFT’s outpatient service model, whilst delivering a positive experience for patients.

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Putting patients at the heart of your digital strategy ensures you release DHPs that meet your strategic priorities.

Are you ready to build a DHP?

HealthMachine™ – Avegen’s proprietary product development platform, means you can scale your DHPs to millions of patients, wherever they are in the world and whatever their condition.

It supports the full spectrum of DHPs, including products seeking regulatory approval.

See how HealthMachine™ can deliver your strategic priorities.

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What Our
Clients Say

Engagement Lead

“Avegen does discovery, design and implementation very well. But what sets them apart is the therapy area expertise and implementation experience they bring from a range of live healthcare applications.” Matt Hartley, Beckley Psytech Ltd


“I feel in control and empowered to take part in my care”

Pregnant mother

Together for Her user
"The notifications in the app help to remind me to take my protein and fruits intake"

Regional Digital Stakeholder Engagement Lead

Major pharmaceutical company
"We have been closely working with Avegen as a partner for digital health opportunities for more than five years. Their deep understanding of patients and doctor needs, flexibility to accommodate our requirements in a consistent manner, supporting our business strategies and with the know-how needed to manage country implementation effectively, makes them a trusted and key partner for our organization."

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