How digital systems improve the healthcare sector

Healthcare has been moving more and more into the digital space, and this was accelerated even further by the pandemic. People were forced to look towards digital solutions as lockdowns were put in place. Fortunately, the 2019 NHS Long Term Plan has

How Avegen leverages data for better health outcomes

Types of data There are broadly three types of data that Avegen leverages for better health outcomes of patients enrolled in the various care programs: A web app or a mobile app usage data of a patient enrolled for the

How Data Science can help apps to revive inactive
How Data Science can help apps to revive inactive users using Push notifications

Introduction Nudges or app popup/push notifications is one of the most powerful mediums of influencing user app usage behavior. One of the many possible purposes of this could be to remind the user to use the app. Especially the ones

Let’s Understand GDPR in Healthcare

Data is the new currency. That is why the privacy and protection of data are of utmost importance. Healthcare organizations, in particular, have a higher reliance on personal data than any other sector. Although healthcare has always been required to

personal health care
5 reasons why personalisation is essential to improve the quality of care

From banking to retail to, now, healthcare – today, no industry can ignore the customer demands for personalised service. And make no mistake; the patient is now the customer.  As patients assume their rightful role as consumers of healthcare, personalisation

Bringing The Focus On To The Patient Experience

Imagine a chronically ill patient calling a hospital for an appointment with their primary doctor. They keep calling the hospital incessantly, with no luck.  Finally, when they get through, they are informed that appointments are not available and that they

How Mobile Is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

With the increase in lifestyle diseases and the ageing population, the healthcare industry has been facing tremendous challenges for a long time. Their challenges have further increased exponentially due to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. Some of the common challenges

Technology Fatigue is Real for Clinicians – How to Avoid it

Although the state of healthcare has always been a true reflection of how advanced (or primitive) a nation’s economy is, the ongoing pandemic has put healthcare of global economies under immense strain. With doctors and healthcare professionals still struggling to