We want to contribute to the greater good

To us, transforming healthcare isn’t just the business we operate in.
It’s also a cause we believe in.
A passion that inspires us.

Because while technology is changing every facet of modern life, healthcare carries a significance few others match. The consequences of being able to manage conditions and diseases better and more proactively – from a common pregnancy to a chronic heart condition – are immense.​

People will live healthier, happier, longer lives; with knock-on benefits that cascade across almost every aspect of humanity and society. In our view, there can be no more motivating purpose than the fact we’re able to touch millions of people’s lives in this way. Every day, we’re inspired to embody its spirit and compassion – not just in the solutions we create, but also in the way we work and interact with each other, our clients and the wider world.


We want to solve problems

When it comes to designing technology, we believe that human ingenuity, knowledge, experience and vision are all vital. They’re what matters. Ultimately, technology enables and supports these qualities. And that’s why they’re the qualities Avegen is proud to be known for.

Our view is simple: what we put into our technology as people determines the value of what then comes out.

This approach is how our company began: conceived by medical experts, for medical experts. It’s why we hire true experts. Invest in world-class thinking. Challenge ourselves to see our work as solving problems, not just providing software. And why we constantly engage in key healthcare discussions, forge partnerships and explore future possibilities. Having worked in digital healthcare programmes since 2015, our expertise is second-to-none.


On the journey to transformed healthcare, data is the key that unlocks every step.

On the journey to transformed healthcare, data is the key that unlocks every step. At Avegen, we see generating, perfecting and applying high-quality data as the most valuable commodity we can offer partners

At the same time, we appreciate it’s about the combination. About data that doesn’t just deliver volume, but also value. About data that leads both to big changes and impacts, but also focuses on highly personalised care for each individual patient.

We also know data security and compliance are crucial. Our standards and track record in this aspect are impeccable, and all Avegen solutions are delivered ready for CE marking.

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